A:how to download the software?
a. Please click directly the net site games-msn.com, or click the right mouse button and then select “Target Folder” to download this software.
b. In order to achieve the fastest download speed, we recommend “orbit” multi-threaded downloading tool. Application method: click the right mouse mutton and then select the target material to download with “orbit”.

B: why unable to download?
The system is overload for now because too many current download users. You can try later.
Please inform us if the above two ways cannot help you. We will check the relative download links.

C: why setup does not respond?
The setup will take for a while. So it is suggested to wait patiently instead of forcibly closing the installer if there is no respond.

D: how to deal with the error or other problems while installation?
This may be attributed to the lost file. So it is suggested to download the latest game client.

E: why the size of large file downloaded by the IE is only a few hundred M?
Please apply HTTP Download tool if the file is overlarge. (Because IE can not download the file with a size of more than 2G. IE7 version will go wrong if you download a file whose size is larger than 4G).

F: why the download speed is so slow?
The download speed may vary depending on network types or regions. So you had better make sure whether the supplier of your network is the same to that of the connection point if you find the download speed is very slow.